Bass Fishing for fall

This is one of my favorite time a year to fish for bass. Why? Well, the temperature of the water cooling off, the bass come back in shallow water and I’ve hooked a lot of damn good bass autumn.

We all know that during the summer when the water gets hot, the bass tend not to be in shallow water, except in early morning and late evening. The same does not apply in fall. When water temperatures drop, the bass can be in shallow water at any time, day. This makes it a little easier to fish.

This is also one of my favorite times to use bait topwater. I use a large topwater bait on the fall and have been fishing really good. One of my favorites to use is the Meadow Mouse. Although they no longer produce this compelling I get some of them on eBay at a pretty good price. If you’ve read this blog, you’ll know that why I pay so much for them. If not, look in the archives of this blog.

One of the biggest fish I had ever hooked in Ohio was in the autumn on topwater. I know it must be more than 10 pounds. Because I’ve got 12 ounces 14 pounds on the wall, which I know what bass like 10 pounds. While 10 is more common ground in Florida, one of this size are quite rare compared to Ohio.

I like to use buzzbait in autumn, too. Especially early autumn when water is low high 70’s-80’s range. Although you can use anytime buzzbait water temps are 50 I prefer this temperature a little higher.

Know what looks like a prop bait! You know, the people with a propellor at either end or both ends. I had very good success in this fall. In fact, when I was little I caught the biggest bass of my life. My brother had caught carp and bass is much larger than goldfish. My dad was in 70’s at the time said it was the largest bass he had ever seen. Of course, no one cares about weight, but they do not take time for eating and even then it bothered me for them to eat the bass and I’m not even a teenager yet.

I use this feedback to support slightly different from most people and again, if you get the newsletter, you know what I’m talking about. I’ve got their own technique for lures topwater. When you do topwater fish, fishing is more slower than usual, especially when the water temps get below 70 or less.

If you’re one of those people who slow you’re fishing for fall, you are missing out on some of the best fishing this year. Believe!

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